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Screen is unclear/fuzzy after driver download.

Question asked by borky1052 on Sep 28, 2015

Hey first time post here,

seen this issue a couple times on this website but there aren't any that i have found that help me.

So first off i had to do a new install for windows 7 after boot errors. Now that i'm getting everything back to normal i have come across a VERY annoying problem. My screen seems fuzzy, but not to the point where its unusable.

Gpu: R9 280x

The screen is a 31.5 inch lcd plugged in via hdmi-hdmi. I have tried plugging it in via dvi-hdmi and same problem appears.

something that i have come across is by unistalling the display adapter in device manager the screen refreshes and becomes crystal clear. When i restart it re downloads the drivers and it become unclear again.

I used to have this issue prior to the new windows 7 install when i installed the latest amd drivers, instead i chose the easy way and just rolled back drivers. but now i am not able to roll back since theres nothing to roll back to. I have tried the latest drivers and mucked around with setting but nothing works. 1280x720 when i uninstall the display adapter is crisp but as soon as it downloads the drivers the same res is fuzzy/unclear.

Sorry if this is badly laid out let me know if i need to clarify some things.


Edit: Also i have a second screen which is a monitor seems to work correctly even with the drivers but the lcd screen is unclear.