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Installed New XFX AMD R9-270X VGA card in Acer Aspire M3420 and no Dislpay. AMD card Verified good in another tower. Installed 500 watt PSU in Acer. Works fine with OEM card. No luck with R9 card.

Question asked by surftech on Sep 28, 2015
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XFX AMD R9-270X, 500 Watt psu Upgrade in Acer aspire M3420. Mother board> AAHD3-VC, Processor> AMD A10-5700 Quad.

Had local tech verify AMD R9 card in good. No Display after installing in Acer. Reinstalled OEM AMD Radeon 7470HD card and works fine. Local tech installed NVIDIA GE FORCE card and worked fine. Tried Updating BIOS from Acer Support Download but did not update. Not sure which BIOS file was the correct one. Tried the win7 64 Bit App. that Matches OS. Incompatible Mother Board?