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Radeon R9 390 problem in GTA V: Stuttering unless I tweak ANY setting

Question asked by rsaldana11 on Sep 27, 2015

I've recently bought/installed an AMD Radeon R9 390 gpu and plan on buying another one for CrossFire X; however, I'd like to get the stuttering issue out of the way first. Basically, when i start up the game, it'll have some stuterring fps issues. As soon as I go into settings and change ANY setting, like Reflection MSAA to make it lower, higher, or switch back and forth , the stuttering stops. This is usually after the screen turns black for a second and the game applies those settings. I tweaked settings around in AMD catalyst to make sure it'll only use application settings, but it didn't do anything. I have dxdiag and msinfo .txt docs if needed