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Is the APU limiting my gaming, or by design?

Question asked by megaman on Sep 27, 2015

The problem I have is that when I try to play those Windows 10 Store games, playing in "Entire Screen" the game crashes, I can use Max screen with the top bar to play the games. Some games like "Modern Combat 5" jump straight to Entire Screen, so it crashes. (I don't have this problem on my desktop but that's an FX-6300 CPU and GTX 970 card)


Entire Screen = the whole monitor is covered by the game

Max screen = You can still see the top bar, so it's the equivalent of clicking the enlarge square. (Yes, Max screen could also mean the entire screen, but I want to make an example out of them)


This applies to installed games, as well. (This was also happening during Windows 8.1)

Upon playing games like Borderlands 2 or Dead Island, I have a bad experience on Full-Screen. (This applies to every game, not just these 2.)

For example, if I am playing Borderlands 2 at 640X480 with full-screen on, the game throws around 10s in Frames Per Seconds.

If I am playing Borderlands 2 at 640X480 with Windowed Screen on, the game throws around upper 20s to low 30s, does that make sense? To me, it should throw more with Full-screen on and the same resolution; plus, it's the same settings as Windowed Mode. (I can't play Windowed Mode because the mouse cursor is seen outside of the game, even if it still operates the character, etc.; and it annoys the blazes out of me when I accidentally click something outside of the game and it can get my character killed, since I lost game focus)


Another problem, there is a new version of AMD drivers that refuses to install, and still prompts me to restart the computer. After 2 restarts, it still tells me that there is a new version. (15.20.1062.1002-15071a-187327C) (Currently, 15.20.1055-150706a-186585C-HP)

I'll try uninstalling, which is something I never expected to do, which is upsetting, because I might have to restart upon uninstalling and then after reinstalling. (I've restarted enough times, let me enjoy the darn computer!)


Last, when I play games it overheats. I mean this is the A6-6310, I would expect it to consume less battery and low heat, even when sitting on the bed. Yes, I de-dusted the laptop, and I keep it elevated but it starts to heat-up rather fast, and it ends-up restarting the computer.


Plus, it has to be the processor that is weak or my programs wouldn't take a long time to load(I defragment and notice speed difference but it still slow like molasses, I notice better speeds from my old 2008 Toshiba laptop with the Dual-core 2.1GHz, even the 2.4GHz Turbo on the A6-6310 doesn't help). it can't handle streams on my Palemoon browser due to Flash, so I have to resort to IE11, even the EDGE browser lags when watching the stream. (Flash needs to die, already) Of course, I wasn't expecting this thing to be a beast because it's Beema, but it shouldn't feel like a snail or at least handle games up to 1280X720 on Low Resolution. (Yes, even with the High Performance Option, plus modified to get the most juice possible)


Battery life is 2 hours, insulting.(Yes, even with the Battery Saver feature)


HP15 Notebook

4GB of RAM


As an AMD fanboy, I hate to resort to jumping ship to Intel processor-based computers, mainly because the APUs are better on the graphics in AMD, but the processor is killing me!

I'm still waiting for Zen, regardless if it comes out as expected or not, then I'll get another laptop.