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Win 7 => 10 with driver issue HD7970

Question asked by bkraal on Sep 27, 2015

I just upgraded to Win10 Pro from Win 7 Pro.  I have two HD79xx video cards.  When I try to log in now I get a Black screen at login or a frozen screen just after login.  I can go in as safe mode and I have made sure that the windows update drivers are applied.  I have tried booting with all my usb devices unplugged but I get the same results.  I have completely uninstalled all antivirus and I get the same results.  There are no errors in the event logs that seem to apply.  It is like the computer freezes before anything can write to the event logs.  In safe mode it is working fine so I do not think it is hardware.  Maybe just a driver issue.  I am normally good with this type of trouble shooting but after 2 days of trying I am out of ideas.  Please Help.