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Power Color TurboDuo R7 265 2GB GDDR5 OC, after playing games is not underclocking to it's normal clock speed.

Question asked by justine25 on Sep 27, 2015

Hi AMD Fans!!! I'm new here by the way..


i have this kind of problem, that is so annoying.. while playing games my clock is boost, but after i play when i exit to windows my clock is not coming back to it's

normal clock speed, it's on boost clock all the time, the only solution is to restart my RIG for it to come back to it's normal clock speed.. and by the way while playing games,

even the not very demanding graphics type of game, increasing the gpu usage almost in 100% at the same time my FPS is going low up to 6.. it's not normal with that kind of behavior,

after that when i exit the game the clock speed of my gpu is set to boost clock all the way.. please help me guys and sorry for my bad english.