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    POWERCOLOR Fury X arfifacting on desktop


      Hey lads I have an issue with my new AMD FURY X! When I am on the desktop it randomly artifacts and the screen goes all crazy. The only way to fix it is if I restart it or change the resolution back and forth. This does not happen in game or 3DMARK 13 at all, which is strange, though the performance at 1080P could be better. (Specs below)


      Now here is the thing, I have actually switched out the motherboard and PSU which both are new and work 100% and tested, and the problem still persists!


      I have tried multiple drivers (and did uninstalls with DDU) with the beta version 15.8 and the WQHL version. What is up with my FURY X guys? Is this thing already dead? Or is it just terrible Windows 10 support?


      temps are wonderful on the FURY and CPU. RAM has been tested in memtestx86


      I have owned the GPU for a month and its past hardware was faulty. The PSU was bad and the motherboard was starting to cave in. A GPU (780Ti Classified was also lost during this build. EVGA says the PSU brought it down probably.)


      So that is why I got a new motherboard and PSU


      The problem happened on both hardware.




      SPECS NOW:

      i7 3770K @ stock clocks

      16GB @ 1333MHz


      Thermaltake TR2 700W PSU

      MSi Micro ATX board (LGA 1155) HQ P13





      This GPU has not been messed with at all. No overclocking this puppy