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AMD 390X Constant crashes on Windows 10

Question asked by stroopwafel on Sep 27, 2015
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So I have a MSI Gaming 390X 8GB graphics card and since Windows 10 there is nothing else than crashes.


Crashes of AMD graphics driver 98% of the time. The other 2% are probably also AMD drivers that crash altho it doesn't say so sometimes.

I've made a video to demonstrate how fast it crashes, and I will also tell you what I already did.


Computer specifications:


MSI X99 SLI Plus

Intel Core i7 5820k @ 3.3GHz

4x4GB Crucial ballistix sport 2400mhz

MSI 390X Gaming 8GB

250GB Crucial SSD with fully updated fresh install of Windows 10

512GB Crucial SSD with all the games.



Things I tried myself;


Underclocking the card; -38,5% power and RAM clockspeed @ 700mhz. Resulted in ~25fps, but still crashes. Tried higher speeds as well, didnt make a difference.

Giving the card full juice with +50% more power in CCC.

Using the following driver versions: 15.5( which gave me no screen at all ) 15.6/.7/.8 Beta. none of the resolved the issue. ( All removed with Display Driver Uninstaller before installing another )

Tried using MSI Afterburner

Tried the MSI gaming app, where the speeds are set at a constant 1080Mhz (standard speed). Took a bit longer before crashing tho.

A fresh clean installation of Windows 10 with nothing else installed but drivers.

Bios is updated and tried setting pci-e to gen 1/2/3, did nothing.

Freesync on/off.


All I read is that people experience the same problems, why is AMD slacking on this?

It's been a problem for over a month now and i'm starting to lose my patience here.


Can anybody, please, help me out here?