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Everytime i try to install driver i get a bsod 7450m

Question asked by pudimowned on Sep 26, 2015
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So i'm on a notebook (Inspiron 14R N4110), and i tried to install 4 different drivers. 2 old drivers from 2013 which i get from Dell's database, ATI Autodetect and the latest Beta Driver for my video card.


All of them cause my pc (amidst driver installing) to crash (BSOD) and the following errors appeared:


- Most frequent: Video_TDR_FAILURE (ATIkmpag.sys_
- Bad_pool_header

- system_file_error (win32k)


I managed to install the driver ONCE but it crashed(BSOD) after i tried to run a game with it. I have a fresh 8.1 Windows version, all windows updates up-to-date. I don't know how to solve this error and you guys are my only hope. I can't buy a better computer because my family hasn't got much money and i have to help them pay the bills, so.. Yea, i can't replace this notebook.


EDIT: Happened since i tried to upgrade to W10, and it worked out, but i accidentally deleted windows.old (which contained my drivers) and it crashed. So i had to re-install my 8.1. Then this error started.