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looking for old thread from

Question asked by jamalsmith on Sep 26, 2015
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(It wont let me post it without the dashes around it)


I cannot seem to get to, and this websites search as well as Google's are not helpful at the moment.


The thread was titled "AMD Support and Game Forums - 14.6 drivers causing issues with HDTV as monitor"


I needed the thread any time I updated my video drivers, as any AMD drivers past 14.4 were making certain people's tvs fuzzy/blurry despite all changes in catalyst control manager.  IIRC, it was people who are using a GPU with only DVI output going to a tv with only HDMI inputs.  At some point in the thread someone figured out how to do something with an EDID override, creating a .inf file that would allow any driver past 14.4.


If anyone can find the thread, or maybe understands EDID better, please let me know.  I updated to windows 10, so my old monitor.inf file is not accepted when I manually try to use it as my video driver.