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Black screen : Radeon HD 6900 is disconnected

Question asked by yakou on Sep 26, 2015

I have the black screen problem with W10 x64


Using Teamviewer to control the computer remotely, I noticed that the sreen resolution wath 640x480, and so I suppose that this is not supported by the screen, which explains the black screen.


More, in the device manager, there is no graphic adapter displayed. But, by choosing the "show hidden devices", I can find the HD6900 which appears translucent. Properties of the device says that "the device is not connected to the computer".


Well, interesting. It's plugged in for sure.


Then, the only option is to restart the computer, but I can't even see the BIOS screen

Then I can restart again

and again

and again (poor HDD!)

and again

and again

and then maybe I can have a normal screen, which would crash again after minutes, or hours..


What should I do ? This situation is so difficult ! I can't work, and restarting all the time really stresses the hardware!