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Radeon hd 6850m HDMI Driver Issue

Question asked by kraim on Sep 26, 2015

Hey everyone!


Today i formated my Laptop and set up everything. When i installed all the drivers i noticed that my TV(which is connected through an hdmi cable) was not playing any sounds from the pc.

Long story short: After trying several things i got it to work. I installed a very old driver i luckily saved somewhere some years ago and voila the sound was playing. after that i installed the latest amd driver(unchecked the HDMI audio driver box) so now im running the latest driver with an old hdmi audio driver.


my questions now are:

-where do i report such a thing so they fix the hdmi audio driver for the upcoming release?

-is there a way to download older drivers for the 6850m?(i mean mine is working so far but who knows if its going to make some trouble in the future..) and it worked for older versions which i had installed before formating my laptop.