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I need help, I cannot get my 3 monitors set up!

Question asked by buchmn on Sep 25, 2015

All three of my monitors are detected on my PC but one is still black. One monitor is plugged into the DVI port via an DVI -> HDMI adapter and an HDMI cable, the second monitor is plugged directly into the HDMI port and the third monitor is plugged into the Mini DisplayPort via a Mini DisplayPort -> HDMI ACTIVE adapter (or so Amazon says). I have spent over $150 on adapters in hopes something would work and I am tired of wasting my money on something that doesn't help.




Screenshot_1.png This is the image of my "Devices" tab on my PC showing that all are recognized. Just to possibly help, I am using an AMD HD 7900 series graphics card and everywhere I have looked says it supports up to SIX monitors.