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R5 M240 Support, Drivers, and Specs

Question asked by technosword on Sep 26, 2015



Does the chip have full official support? It's not listed on the page with the other R5 m200 series chips. The R5 M230 and R5 M255 are listed but not it or its official specs.

From my understanding it is a lower clocked M230 with 1GB of DDR3. An official spec listing would be nice to have though.


I noticed that, back when I installed its drivers, that it only installed with the driver package for the accompanying APU and not the dedicated card package.

Should I go back and install the dedicated card package on top of that when I go to update next or leave it be?


I heard the card has issues being properly recognized even with the correct drivers. Rumor is that the card wasn't officially supported till months after manufactures started using it and needs a BIOS update to make it compliant with the finalized drivers/software released later on. Are those right in any respect?


Would be really nice to know if the BIOS thing is true or not as my laptop is an ACER. Great price/performance ratio on their laptops, but bad support for updates like that.

With each consecutive driver update and BIOS update I get weirder and more baffling GPU-Z results (running latest GPU-Z each time).  One of them even said it had 2.4 PetaBytes of VRAM, and the most recent one says it's running a core clock of 1030 MHz, among other weird things. Not to actually trust any of that, but it's still a good laugh.