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    GPU stays at 300MHz for most time


      I think it just happened today - I opened up a game (WoWS to be specific), suddenly I hear fan noise raising abnormally, so I went to check my hardware status, wow man my GPU fan has started ramping up to 80%+ which is really rare considering I am using a Fury X card.


      So...I quickly checked my GPU temp, was under 40C, so that should not be a temperature issue. Then I manually locked the fan at 15% - the usual fan speed, and continued the game.


      And the game started to stutter and fall under 30 or even 20 FPS, but sometimes it came back to normal for a while and dropped down again. So I checked MSI afterburner, it showed that for most of the time my GPU clock was at 300 MHz. And of course whenever it drops down to 300 MHz my FPS would drop as well. The GPU temperature was within +-5 of 40C.


      Nor sure how to trouble shoot it, need some help please

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          The issue was "resolved" after a reboot, i.e. "When anything bad happens, go to sleep and tomorrow is a good day."


          Still this is kinda weird, since after I have closed the game for quite a while, I returned the fan speed control to the graphics card, it decided to spin up the fan to 99% for some reason even when it was idle.


          Some system info if anyone is interested.