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command and conquer and other old games eyefinity portrait v-sync

Question asked by cordomania on Sep 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2016 by pallav1432


I have the Command and conquer Ultimate edition , that includes all the the cnc  games .

My pc has radeon gigabyte 2950 , with 4 screens 3 of them in portrait eyefinity layout .

When i try to play the games , i can play the games that do not have V-sync enabled , the others just crash with graphics or direct-x related errors .

If i switch the primary screen to the 4th screen(extended desktop) that doesnt have the eyefinity , everything works fine   .

I have also tried switching to landscape eyefinity with 3 screens seems to work or (some of the games get duplicated 3 times ).


Is there any way to solve this problem for those of us that use portrait screen layout ?

Or is there a tool that can make the 3 screens apear as a single large screen in landscape layout ?

Thank you .