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15.8 beta boot failure

Question asked by mhmd on Sep 25, 2015


so I just built my own gaming pc, and I installed windows 10 pro and everything was fine (pc specs : i5 6600k, Asus z170-A, Asus Radeon R9 390, 1 TB Seagate Barracuda & kingston hyperx savage 120 GB (boot drive)). Then I downloaded the 15.8 beta from the official website, when it finished installing, it asked for a restart so I approved. Then my system got stuck in "Preparing Automatic Repair" loop. I tried every possible fix on the internet but nothing worked. I reinstalled windows 10 but I lost some files and the time spent on customizing the first OS. This time, I downloaded the 15.7.1 version instead, and chose custom (not express) installation just to uncheck the "AHCI drivers" as some people claimed it was the reason behind this problem, but i couldn't find it... however; everything went fine and the driver worked perfectly.

My question : is this the right place to report this problem ? I don't want this problem to happen to me again when i install another amd driver and i want the developers to consider my feedback.