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All Cooler Master closed loop liquid coolers to be pulled from the US market.

Question asked by black_zion on Sep 25, 2015
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Asetek won royalties a lawsuit against CoolerMaster back in 2014. CoolerMaster appealed, and a judge again sided with Asetek and nearly doubled the amount Asetek was awarded in the initial suit as well as issuing an injunction against CoolerMaster selling any pump-over-coldplate closed loop liquid cooler in the USA. The interesting part is the last bit of the article


An interesting twist in this story could be bad news for AMD. Cooler Master is the company behind the closed loop cooler installed in the Radeon R9 Fury X reference cooling solution. Cooler Master was not willing to confirm or deny if this cooler will be affected.

Would serve AMD right, the Fury X cooler has been the subject of much anger for many.