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    Radeon HD7970 + Windows 10 + Catalyst 15.7.1: GPU SCALING TO FULL SCREEN IS NOT WORKING. HELP




      My computer is i7 4790K + MSI Z97 GD65 + 16gb DDR3 2400 GSKILL + Radeon HD 7970 Sapphire + Monitor BENQ XL2720Z.


      I installed Windows 10 PRO 64bit in my computer, and i installed lastest Catalyst driver 15.7.1 for windows 10 version.

      The driver is bugged, GPU SCALING IS NOT WORKING TO FULL SCREEN !!!!


      On CCC, i enable "gpu scaling" and configure it to "scale to full screen".


      When i try run Starcraft Broodwar, it dont works on full screen.


      I uninstalled Catalyst 15.7.1, and i tried 15.8 beta, and still not works. I tried 15.7 version too, same problem.

      Can someone help me?