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"Manually select drivers" option not working. URGENT

Question asked by bambacha on Sep 25, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2015 by routergray

I have an old (2006) notebook carrying an ATI Mobility Radeon x1600 card and I wanted to download drivers. Since the manufacturer didn't have any drivers (OEM) I went to this website (the manufacturer's website) to find my drivers and found nothing. Then I searched more and found that AMD actually discarded any support for legacy drivers (especially notebook users are out of luck) which is utterly pathetic to say at best.

For comparison, my other notebook (2007, one year older than my ATI one) carries an NVidia 8600M GT and I found drivers for that card in mere seconds through their webstite. That shows the care for old users and discontinued products for each company. Take that situation as an example.


Anyway, I have also an old desktop computer carrying an ATI Radeon x1800 and wanted to download drivers for that one too. I went to the manual driver selection and selected the right choices, then proceeded to click "Download Drivers" which did NOTHING but empty the first selection. That means the link is broken. I also found another post mentioning the problem one month earlier (26 aug 2015) and no one bothered to fix the manual driver selection. Clearing the driver cache did nothing to allow me to download the drivers (as suggested by someone), so here I am, one month later from that post, on the main function from a graphics card manufacturer regarding drivers and no one from the web development team has done anything. Tried 3 browsers, each one clears the top selection drop-down bar when I press the "download drivers" button.


Fix this ASAP, no excuses, no "email the broken link", no "call the support" (what is this 1990s?), JUST DO IT EVENTUALLY.