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Game display suddenly too large

Question asked by mcalla71 on Sep 24, 2015

     Have an HP Pavilion 17 Notebook, Windows 10 64-bit - just upgraded but problem with display didn't start right away.  May have accidentally uninstalled something important when trying to get rid of unwanted programs that seemed to cause my CPU usage to spike to 100% after upgrade. 

     Game site I use is Big Fish, I only play casual PC games.  Game manager and current game both display as larger than previously; game view is too large to play successfully.

     AMD info is:  hardware - Radeon HD 8550G, processor - AMD A8-5550M APU.  Currently installing update to Catalyst 15.7.1 but this is the second time I've installed that update (did a system restore twice) and it didn't change anything the last time.  Big Fish site useless so far. 

     I've tried various things, including changing my image settings to 1024 x 768, which made it worse.  Any ideas?  Please be very clear with instructions - I've more or less learned how to ask tech questions but I'm not fluent in computerese (e.g. Catalyst Control Center "Gaming - Image Quality" options were Greek to me.  : / )  Any ideas?  Many thanks.