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    Programs crashing when Extended Desktop is on, FURY X


      Hello Everyone,


      I have been experiencing some problems with certain programs lately. Most of the programs using 3D just won't load and only display a frozen white page.

      Now, what's funny about this issue is that when I switch back from two monitors to one (Extended mode to Single) the problem doesn't occur, and programs load seamlessly, then I can switch back to Extended Desktop.


      This is a mildly annoying workaround, hence why I am asking you guys if you've got a clue about that :)


      Another problem I've got, I noticed that when screen turns off after 30 minutes, when I try to switch from one desktop to extended, Windows graphical interface Freezes, but sound and programs seem to work normally.


      Config :


      Two Monitors

      CPU : intel I7 6700K

      GPU : AMD Fury X with Catalyst 15.7.1 drivers (does the same problem with Beta drivers too)

      RAM : 32Gb

      OS : Windows 10 Pro



      Here is also a DxDiag, just in case :





      Thank you ! :D