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    The driver has stopped working


      It continually this problem "The driver has stopped working"

      I already updated, re-installed drivers and DirectX

      But do not go yet

      sorry for the horrible English but use google translator

        • Re: The driver has stopped working

          English is ok...but you need to supply more info:

          Does the message say 'The driver has stopped responding and has recovered"? or "The driver has stopped working?"



          In order to get any meaningful support for your issue, the following information is requested:


          Please post in an appropriate forum.






          Laptop manufacturer

          Laptop exact model number

          Operating system? Is this the original OS?


          Graphics chip (card)

          Switchable graphics? (AMD + Intel or AMD + AMD)

          When did this issue first appear?

          What steps have you taken to correct the issue?

          Have you searched Windows Update for relevant 'optional'updates?










          Operating system


          Graphics card(s) ( exact card..not the series)


          Power Supply ( wattage,manufacturer, and model number )

          Have you checked for a Motherboard bios update?

          Windows Update current? 'Optional' updates installed?

          When did the issue first appear?

          Steps you have taken to correct the issue