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    HBM for CPUs?


      I'm not so privy on the electrical engineering thing... but NVIDIA is said to be working on a card with 16GB of HBM. Could HBM be use in CPU architecture? Instead of buying a CPU and ram sticks you buy the CPU with HBM on it something in the range of 16, 32, or 64 GB of it? The system should still be able to access it via the CPU. It would greatly reduce the foot print of a system and increase system speed. The only draw back would be the need to upgrade your CPU if you need to upgrade ram.



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          My understanding is that eventually we'll see APUs with HBM. HBM2 will have to arrive first and it will probably take a while for yields to ramp up. Likely a couple years away at least.

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            That is very interesting idea. Nvidia will offer HBM Gen 2 with Pascal.  The new memory will enable memory bandwidth to exceed 1 Terabyte/s which is 3X the bandwidth of the Titan X. That is like 2.7X the memory capacity of Maxwell which means that Pascal will have 32GB of video memory ! So if this technology ever comes to the cpu,it just means better computing power in the end I would think . Interesting times are coming  

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              This is one of those instances I wouldn't mind the CPU and the ram being tied together so long as they are released in reasonable amounts. 2 GB would be worthless for example.


              As far as being for APU and not CPU... I'm beginning to think that AMD should focus more on the APU. With the technology there -- there is no reason... well there is less of a reason not to have all their CPU launch with GPUs on them. I'm not saying all future CPUs need fury level GPUs but I mean if you look at it 90% of Intel's CPUs on the market have some degree of basic GPU on them. (talking about i3, i5, i7). For those of us needing more GPU power can run in dual graphics or with a fully discreet card.  I can see some instances where it might not be needed like servers etc. But I think the prime target (most being marketed) would be APUs and of course HBM on the CPU/APU.


              I think we could REALLY be on to something here. Even if the CPU/APU was a little bigger in size the fact that you are merging some much of the mother boards real-estate in to a single chip... I mean the CPU that is 2x the size of current CPUs would still alleviate nearly half the motherboard real-estate. (not that I am saying CPUs need to be 2x as big) but a bigger chip with HBM would still allow for an over all smaller system.


              AMD you need to be reading this. Lets shape the worlds technology. This could be something epic.

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                As would be nice as l3 cache. 4 gb would be quite enough.

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                  Once we have HBM2 on APUs the realization for Fusion will finally come into fruition. Right now the current architecture of APUs lacks memory bandwidth compare to Intel. Once we have Zen APUs + DDR4 we will see nice performance gains from GPU side. HBM2 is very high end right now.

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                    let's think a little about the frequency HBM2 and let us consider the frequency DDR4 and see when I could get the cpu to work at the frequency HBM2.


                    But i want now hbm2 i my a10 6800k


                    sorry for my english (Yandex translate) this time.

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                      I would love to see the APUs come with HBM, at least 8GB of it.  I would vote for three SKUs for each APU...one with no HBM for those who are on the upgrade their current system path, one with 8GB of HBM, and one with 16GB of HBM.  The highest end APU model can also have a 32GB HBM SKU as well, since the video card on that baby should be top of the line (the A10 versions).