Windows 7 / Windows 10 = Same Hybrid GPU Problem with latest drivers

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Hello everyone & hello ATI members.


I have experiencing this problem on HP G72 with integrated Intel HD 1st Generation and dedicated ATI Radeon  HD 5470.

Windows 7 : Latest drivers installed from official sites for both of GPU's i get blackscreen on games with sound

        Example of games : World of Tanks, Blur, Dota 2

I have just solved this problem with Right Click -> My Computer  -> Properties -> Device Manager -> Display Adapters -> Uninstalling all GPU -> Restart -> Go To Device Manager -> Update driver software -> Automaticaly Online -> Restart -> Voila


Now the ATI Radeon GPU is functioning but the ATI Catalyst Control Center isn't recognising that i have an ATI Radeon Display Driver.


In my opinion i think that switchable graphics is the problem because when i am changing from Power Saver - to - High Performance for one game and i run it, the game starts with black screen and sound.


I have noticed that when i installed official ATI Drivers in Device Manager i got name "ATI Mobility Radeon 5000 Series".

But when i reinstalled the drivers from Device Manager (Microsoft online drivers) i got name "ATI Mobility Radeon 5470 HD" which is my official graphic card.

And i think that is the problem too because from ATI isn't installing the right driver for display. And the right driver is that from Microsoft but problem is that Catalyst Control Center isn't recognising it.


Do ATI Radeon Company want to sell new projects and want to let behind old GPU customers ? We have paid for your products why you do that? If you want to be still your customers you should do what is right and focus to all customers not only to the new ones.


Windows 10 :The same bug with black screen on game window and sound on HIGH-PERFORMANCE( dedicated GPU - ATI Mobility Radeon 5470 HD)