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R9 280x Toxic,Screens disconnects/reconnects

Question asked by stjerneskudd on Sep 23, 2015
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My screens keep disconnecting/reconnecting at random points whenever i'm gaming. Most noticable in Diablo 3.
The disconnect/reconnect chime can be heard everytime, as if you were to pull out one of the hdmi cables.
This turns off all my screens at the same time for a second before they reactive and functions like normal again.
Very frustrating!


My setup:

- Asus Crosshair V formula-z AM3+

- AMD FX-8350 8core

- Sapphire Radeon R9 280X Toxic 3GB GDDR5

- 8G Corsair Ram

- Samsung SSD 830

- Corsair H70 watercooling

- 750W OCZ fatality PSU
- Monitors 3x Samsung 21,5" Synchmaster LS22C350H


Monitors are connected as HDMI-DP-DP. Using an active sapphire DP-to-SL-DVI adapter, with DVI-to-Hdmi.
Have tried all other possibilities with dvi-i,dvi-d,hdmi and dp slots with no success.


I have tried lots of different steps to solve this, but its getting on my nerves. All i know is its only when gaming, and there seems to be some kind of constant triggers in certain parts of a game as the problem can repeat itself if i place my character at the area of the first occurance. What i mean is: I can play the game fine for a long time, but suddenly my screens dissconnects/recoonects. Now, if i stop and just leave the character here the screens will continue to discconnect/reconnect every 10 seconds or so untill i move my character out of the "trouble"area.

This happens more often if im in fullscreen, but so far i cant pin-point whats causing it.
Bad ram? Bad gpu? low voltage to screens? faulty screens? Bad active adapter?

If anyone has any usefull tips, please let me know!