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ati radeon hd5850 after driver update/w 10 doens't play 3d on tv anymore

Question asked by stekun on Sep 23, 2015

Hi  I have got a problem. I have my dekstop connected to my tv through a hdmi cable and to my monitor through a dvi cable (only possibility on de the graphics card). I have allways watched movies from my desktop using total media theatre/powerdvd 15 on my tv. With no problems. Also watching 3d movies was great. But now i have updated the driver to catalyst 15.7.1 and to windows 10.But now when I want to watch a 3d movie , it plays on the tv but just in normal mode, even if settings are 3d. When I turn on the movie on my pc, it does show in 3d.  Can someone help how to figure out what to do so I can watch my 3d movies again on my tv?


thanks allready