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FM2A88X-ITX  / A4-5300 HTPC

Question asked by spretti on Sep 23, 2015
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HTPC computer with AMD kaveri. Cannot get the HDMI working from the motherboard. DVI-D to HDMI is working great, including the sound. Tried WIN 10 -64 with all latest drivers from Asrock (15.20.1060). Also tried WIN 8.1 with latest drivers from Asrock (14.502.1013). BIOS version latest 3.00. Connection is from HTPC/HDMI to Yamaha RX-A1040/HDMI to Konka I-Sport TV/HDMI.

Then with my daughters Lenovo WIN 10 -64 there is no issue at all with HDMI, immediately picture and sound from TV thru amp.

Have also tried several different HDMI cables and different input on TV( 2 HDMI inputs). Can it be EDID/memory or native resolution problem?? Board sent for repair two times and they say it is OK, off course using a different CPU.