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frequent application's Not Responding error

Question asked by kojak on Sep 22, 2015

I have a 5 year old ZT Systems desktop running Win 7 64 bit. In the system tray, I get a message that says "Solve PC issue 1 message". That message says Solve a problem with AMD/ATI video driver. When I click on that message it asks if I want it to download the driver. I say yes. I then get a message that says Driver could not be downloaded. Check my internet connection. Connection is fine.


I then go to Device Manager and learn I am using a Radeon 3100 Graphics Card and the drivers are up-to-date.


I get the Not Responding error either when using a browser or any software application e.g., Notepad or Word. After a few minutes it will respond but if I open another tab, or any other action like change fonts. Not Responding rears it's ugly head.


I am not well versed with computers to know what is causing this. I just know that even restarting the computer is an exercise in patience. It can take up to 6 minutes of waiting from the time I sign in with my pin number to when the computer delivers the desktop. Even then, when I launch a browser (either Chrome or Maxthon), I will get a Not Responding at the second mouse click.


Can this problem be laid at the feet of the graphics card and/or video driver?


Your guidance will be greatly appreciated.