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    AMD R7 M260DX


      Hello guys, i really dont know what i should do. When i set at CCC that some game should start at high performance mode (with amd r7 m260dx), it will not. Just integrated graphics start with game. Thats problem with all my games (World of Tanks, CSGO), but one game runs ok -  Asphalt 8. So i think that problem is with DirectX. I have newest drivers from lenovo webpages.


      WIN 10

      Lenovo Z50-75

      AMD FX-7500

      AMD Radeon R7+AMD Radeon R7 M260DX



      thanks so much for your answers

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          In dual crossfire both the intigrated and the discrete works together, only if the clocking on the dedicated card is strangled to clock below or equal to the rating of the intigrated or else the system will override and ignore the intigrated card.

          If you think it's the Directx you can upgrade to windows 10 since it was early announced by microsoft that windows 10+ will have support for dual graphics with the next generation, twin dual graphic motherboards (quad core graphics).

          Search for "Dxdiag" and all the important information about what the computer supports are seen, includes resolution and other useful information. Try to put all settings the same way for both energy saving and power consuming graphics. Make sure the strangle feature is on or remove the crossfire entirely.

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            I have same problem with my dual gpu laptop, my laptop is Lenovo Thinkpad E455 Hia with R6 + R7 M260DX

            in device manager, i check my gpu detail in R7 m260DX, in Hardware IDs i found code of R7 m260DX is PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_6664&CC_038000

            after i search on google, i found the driver is R5 M200 series not R7 M260DX

            can someone help my gpu

            i play dota 2 in lowest setting and i get 30-50 FPS