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    Poor Graphics since installing to Windows 10


      I have a AMD Radeon HD 5450 graphic card in a HP 6300 desktop (16GB) CPU G645 @ 2.90Ghz.  Driver version 15.201.1151.0 (beta I think, due to on going issues).


      Recently upgraded to Win 10 64 bit,


      Not over clocked, but have tried it previously to try and resolve issue without success.


      Not used for gaming, but when watching videos part of peoples faces are pixulated.



      Note the shading around cheek, here is another example;


      Never had this issue with Win 7, anything I can do about this, or is it time for the video card to bite the dust?


      It is not constant, but annoying nevertheless.


      Advice appreciated..

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          On catalyst control center - video -quality - turn off -de noise -mosquitto -dyn. contrast -edge ench when reboot. Use vlc

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            try k-lite codec pack full, use custom installation with dxva (ati/amd option to accelerate), it's software problem

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              You've had a number of folks suggest workarounds or fixes, but no one so far has asked...


              For what?  The term "pixulated" has no meaning, and even if spelled correctly very little meaning without further explanation.


              Seriously, the screen grabs you show look fine when displayed in a well-calibrated sRGB reference environment.  There is nothing I would call "pixilation" in those images.


              I suggest that if you're seeing problems with them on YOUR display then it's in the path between the card and the monitor, and has little to do with video rendering.  More likely it might have to do with color management, or calibration, or on-monitor settings, or...  ???


              You showed a fair number of images and I simply can't discern specific problems in the locations you have pointed out.


              I am not doubting that you're seeing something, and maybe it's something like posterization that's really only visible when the images are moving, but I suggest looking at some artificially created pure gradients to see if perhaps your problem isn't where you think it is.





              P.S., Your images all look fairly dark on a properly calibrated monitor.  That could be a clue; you might have your monitor turned way up in brightness, then be compensating in the wrong place by having your videos rendered very dark.


              Display this image at 100% original size:


              2.20 Gamma Calibration.png


              If your system is well-calibrated to 2.2 gamma, you should see the above with no color and just smooth gradients, like this:



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                  Cheers Noel. firstly I would agree a lot of what I watch is darker than I would prefer. 


                  I viewed your image in full screen; here is a screen grab of what I could see;


                  Seemed strange as the image would blink about every 2~3 seconds, is a png suppose to do that? .


                  I went through the Win10 screen calibration and lowered the monitor brightness from 50% to 48% and lowered the contract by 1%, I also checked the gamma settings, which were fine. There are too many places you can make adjustments, Windows itself, VLC and AMD CCC,


                  After watching the same 'TV show' scene, while improved in places, the issue still persists, should I lower the brightness further. As I mention above, never had this running Win 7, I'm not sure where the problem lays, if it makes any difference I'm hooked up via DVI socket.


                  I do know there are many issues with AMD cards and Windows 10, such as black screens during boot process, at the end of the day, it is AMD that will have to conform to what MS puts out there.


                  Thanks for highlighting there are no Win 10 drivers for this product, (no Win8 either), it is a clean install of Win10 I'm running.

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                  noelc raises a good point, but it is also important to note that there is no explicit support for Windows 10 for the HP Compaq Pro 6300 from HP. Just because the upgrade is free, doesn't mean it is compatible with your system.


                  jb-2015 have you tried using a clean driver installation?

                  How to perform a clean driver install


                  Particularly if you performed the upgrade install of Win10: Run DDU for both AMD and Nvidia just to be safe. Who knows what HP included on their shipping Win7 images...