15.8 Beta causing problem

Discussion created by hawkybadboy12 on Sep 22, 2015
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as it worked fine for a week but now every games lagged like hell the first game i tested today was Ark survival Evolved as that never has a issues in past as my GPU is HD7950 and running on Windows 10 Pro and i guess it never had issue with 15.7.1 driver as all my games run very smooth onto ultra setting so then i stopped Ark Survival Evolved then oped Euro Truck Simulator 2 Muiltplayer as that never had issues for years as that how long i play on that game till today same problem then it shut my pc down automatic so i went to turn it on for first time no response. so then i turn it off again to try again and took a while to display on screen so that when i notices what the main problem was as that was 15.8 beta i know they still working on it but please test it with every games before releasing it as i have put 15.7.1 back on and problems was solved no issues once again