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AMD Radeon r9 200 Blue/Black Screens?

Question asked by redaxecat on Sep 21, 2015

Im by no means a tech guru, all I know is that my PC and graphics hardware  and/or software is messed up. My graphics drivers crash several times per day and sometimes they recover, sometimes they do not. When they do not, I either get a random colored screen with weird bars on it accompanied by a deafening humming noise through my headphones. This happens without warning. The other thing that happens is a blue screen error message that reads "THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER". I have tried going through many solutions posted on online tech forums and none have worked. This is my last resort and I will have to replace the card if it can not be fixed. Now, the interesting part. It only happens while I am playing games, and at a greatly increased frequency when I play my favorite game. It happens to run off of Java and I do not know if this has something to do with it. I have a few questions that I would love to see answered, I don't understand techie lingo but I can get help, anything will help. I have cleared out the obvious solutions, my drivers are up to date, my BIOS is in order according to my friend who built my PC, and I am not putting it under any extreme stress, the card should easily be able to handle the games I play.


* 1. What does the error message THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER mean and what is the culprit for the problem?

2. Why does the card recover sometimes and say it has recovered from a crash, and why doesn't it other times, what is the difference besides the PC restarting?

*3. What is the loud humming noise that accompanies the error?

4. Does Java have anything to do with this?

5. I am running windows 10, is there an incompatibility issue? *This also happened when I was running windows 8 and subsequent 8.1*, updating did not change the problem.

* 6. What can be done to fix it, if anything?

*-Important, the only real questions, rest are just for curiosity and likely yes or no answers.



Any help would be appreciated, I hate having my PC crash during the middle of a game, It is frustrating and nothing I have tried to date has fixed it.