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Thread stuck in device driver

Question asked by jdilkes95 on Sep 21, 2015

Hi, I have a R9 270x I think it is and I get a "Thread stuck in device" when using on league of legends to capture. I've read into this and there we're solutions to do with the Raptr/AMD gaming involved but I have none of the above installed. I've attempted to re-install the drivers but the problem still occurs. This also happens on the older drivers I find it really frustrating how I can't play and record at the same time. The computer screen go black and restarts it's self.. I've also noticed glitching effects with the monitors it seems like they lose connection but they don't if that makes any sense what's so ever! I no that card isn't defective as other people have this issue also with the R9 series well in fact with majority of the graphics cards.