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Hwbot is the best overclocking site out there, and sgtbilko, jackalopeater, and a couple of others have started an official AMD Red Team team on Hwbot. The link to the team is here: AMD Red Team @ HWBOT and if you want to join go ahead... I just recently did, and it is awesome . If we get enough people, then we could participate better in competitions like the Team Cups or other events on Hwbot, and improve the team rankings! This is also the place to share your overclocking experiments and achievements with the world (and the Red Team community!).


Comment below if you have joined, or if you had any thoughts or other input, Thanks!


Edit: Also, if you comment your HWBOT username, date you joined the team on hwbot, and league I will make add it to the table below!

Format for comment to be added to graph: username -- mm/dd/yyyy -- league

Alternate format (if your forum username and HWBOT username are different): hwbot username (Red team username) -- mm/dd/yyyy -- League


Edit: Also, if you (for whatever reason) leave the teamon Hwbot, I'll put a begin-end date into this! I know sgtbilko formed a new team with a few of the members of the RT below so.

Also, updated a few things!


I'll put in a couple of the people already on the HWBOT team that are also here on Red Team community!


Date joined HWBOT team:HWBOT league: (will update as needed)
Sgt Bilko09/12/2015->10/16/2015 (moved to Australia OC @ HWBOT )Enthusiast