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Soo yeah. The fun didn't last very long now did it. Somehow the one part that decides to give out has to be the single most important and expensive part of the whole damn build; the gpu. That awesome R9 290 Tri-X is now gone. At first I thought I'd get a new one quickly from warranty. That wasn't the case. Long story short, I might not get a new card at all. It's such a mess, the whole thing. What I know for sure, is that there won't be any gaming for me this christmas. MAYBE I'll get a new one next year. And while I wait in agony I can't even use the computer because the motherboard doesn't have a DVI port, and my monitor can currently only use DVI.


This blows so hard it's not even funny. Oh well, at least I can borrow my girlfriends laptop every now and then to watch cat pictures on the internet. Meow!





I thought I'd be without a proper computer for a very long time, but something awesome happened. Some years ago I helped some people close to me when they were having a hard time, financially as well. When they heard about what happened, they went around collecting PC parts they weren't using and came to my door with a pretty amazing surprise. I ended up having a 4770k, Asus Z97-AR mobo, a Corsair CS650M and 16GB of HyperX Fury 1866 in my hands. All nearly new and unused. I had to RMA my Nepton 240M because of a broken pump, and I ended up having to switch to a Corsair H100i GTX which was also defective. I went through three of them until I got my hands on a working one. It's been a long wait, but completely worth it. It's a joy to be able to game again, and I'm grateful beyond words.


Also, I'm happy to say that I'll be returning to work even sooner than I thought, and that I got a new apartment that I can move into as soon as I recover from the latest surgery. It's going pretty good all of a sudden.



This rig was my pride and joy, and my ultimate gaming machine, until recently. Due to my financial situation created by the recession and health issues, building this system was a massive undertaking, and it took several years to get it to a state that I was happy about. It worked great, and looked great. It ran all my games perfectly with the OC it had. Then came one lightning and the motherboard, CPU and PSU were done - just weeks after the warranty on them ran out.


That was over a week ago now. Thankfully the most important part of my build, my R9 290 Tri-X, survived. However, it now collects dust on my shelf.


Let me tell you, not being able to game really blows. Took me nearly 4 years to get it built, took only a millisecond to get all that work undone. Be careful with thunder fellas.


The old parts:


i5 3570k @ 4.8GHz - RIP

Cooler Master Nepton 240M

MSI Z77A-G45 - RIP

2x4GB Kingston HyperX Genesis

Seasonic S12II-620W - RIP









i7 4770k

CoolerStock cooler
MotherboardASUS Z97-AR
Memory2x8GB Kingston HyperX Fury 1866MHz
GraphicsCurrently no GPU
Disc Drive 1Samsung 850 EVO 250GB
Disc Drive 2WD GREEN 1TB
Disc Drive 3WD GREEN 1TB
PSUCorsair CS650M
CaseFractal Design Define S
MonitorAcer 24" Predator GN246HL


Edited in new rig with pic.