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    HSA kernel names




      I'm attempting to profile HSA kernels generated from my compiler. sprofile is successfully generating performance counters for the kernels, but is reporting "<UnknownKernelName>_Spectre" as the name of every kernel, rather than the name for the declaration in the HSAIL/BRIG. Is there additional metadata that CodeXL needs to correctly name a kernel?





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          Hi Ralph,


          Can you provide an .atp file for the application that shows <UnknownKernelName>?  You can generate an .atp file using "sprofile --hsatrace <application>"


          In current profiler builds, kernel names are only shown if the applications calls certain HSA APIs.  In future builds, this is simplified a bit and should work in most cases, but if you can send me your .atp file, I should be able to confirm that the new mechanism will work with your application.