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Windows 10 Blurry Text & Icons

Question asked by landia on Sep 21, 2015
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Does anyone know why Windows 10 got major problems with blurry text and icons? Everything is very blurry. Even when I open up a browser, it is very blurry. I tried many things but nothing to improve the blurry text and icons.


I have my screen resolution set to 1920 x 1080 at 60Hz. However, the Recommendation for my TV is 1360 x 768. I have the PC connected to the LED TV with the HDMI cable. When I set to the Recommendation resolution at 1360 x 768, all the text and icons are larger but very fuzzy. So I am not sure if it is the Radeon chip that is causing the problem or Windows 10. I have the Radeon HD 8470D Video (w/ HDMI/VGA).


Also, anyone know if I should mess around with the HDTV Support feature in the AMD Catalyst Control Center?


I am not sure if my LED TV is a 1080p or a 720p???


Thanks for any advice!