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    AMD FirePro W5100 four monitors


      Good morning,

      I purchased a GPU AMD FirePro W5100, in specifications is written that it supports four monitors, but when I try to extend the desktop on the fourth monitor I'm asked to remove another monitor as if the limit was 3 desktop. Why? How do I fix?

      Thank you.

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          Hi Tecnici Bforweb,


          I understand that you have a FirePro W5100 and wish to connect four displays to the Graphics Card.  If this is incorrect, please let me know as the information provided may change.


          The FirePro W5100 GPUs are all able to output up to 4 displays each, but this is contingent on how the monitors are connected to the card. The requirement for this is that the Graphics Cards feature either DisplayPort or Mini-DisplayPort outputs, which your FirePro has. To get 4 displays working is only possible when using either a direct DisplayPort-to-DisplayPort connection, or utilising an active DisplayPort adapter for the 3rd monitors and beyond. The FirePro W5100 cards can only output two legacy/passive outputs at one time! (HDMI/DVI/VGA/passive-adapter-connected monitor)


          Using an active adapter instead of a passive adapter utilises a small chip inside the adapter that converts the DisplayPort signal to a signal that is usable by a DVI/HDMI connection, while still maintaining the DisplayPort standard. Using a passive adapter just converts the DisplayPort output to a legacy/passive output. Active adapters are only available using the DisplayPort output, as there are currently no supported active adapters that use the DVI, VGA or HDMI outputs.


          For a list of certified adapters, you can refer to www.amd.com/dongles, as these are adapters that our certification team has tested with our cards and found them to be compatible with all AMD products. For reference regarding the difference between single-link and dual-link DVI adapters, the single-link has a maximum resolution of 1920x1200, while dual-link adapters (featuring more pins) can support up to 2560x1600. This relies on using a dual-link DVI wire as well, however.


          If you are unsure how to determine if your DisplayPort adapter/cable is active or passive, any cable with Mini DisplayPort or DisplayPort on one end, and VGA/DVI/HDMI on the other end will be passive. If the adapter features an additional USB connection, or has the word "ACTIVE" physically imprinted on the adapter, then it will be active, otherwise it is most likely a passive adapter.

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            I also purchased the AMD W5100, which I was hesitant to do because of issues like this.

            My plan was to use this in one of our conference rooms where we have 2 desktop monitors, a projector and now a interactive whiteboard.  I needed this card to support all 4 monitors.

            After installing the GPU, I also had the same issue when I try to extend the desktop on the fourth monitor I'm asked to remove another monitor as if 3 was the max number of monitors supported.

            This was after purchasing 4 apparently non active display port to HDMI adapters for it.

            I just think it is bogus that AMD does not specify this in the product description and leaves things like this out so the consumer is forced to search endless forums only to find they also need active adapters in order for the GPU to support 4 monitors.  Ridiculous!

            Well back to shopping for "ACTIVE" adapters to try and make this stupid video card work!

            That is 3 days of endless forum searching and troubleshooting I will never get back.

            Thanks AMD!