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AMD FirePro Workstation FGLRX not working

Question asked by nickbailuc on Sep 20, 2015

I recently bought an AMD FirePro 3D v9800 and I am unable to get fglrx to work. The latest version of the workstation driver is 14.502, and installing it through "generate distro package" boots Ubuntu in low graphics mode, completely unable to start Unity. Installing the driver on xorg gives me an error in the end. Checking fglrx-install.log, it says please install all necessary packages, and before proceeding I installed them through apt-get. Next time I get the error after the installation, and the log file tells me to install necessary packages but doesn't list anything.

In the end, both install methods fail. The one method that works is through "Additional Drivers" on the Ubuntu Update/PPA manager. Installing it that way works, however instead of installing the workstation driver 14.502, it seems to install the radeon driver 15.20 (in both "fglrx" and "fglrx-updates". Desktop is stable, but launching any application that uses OpenGL shows serious screen artifacts, making it impossible to even read text on the screen. OpenCL also freezes and crashes when being used by an application.

I have done this on Ubuntu 15.04, and after about 10 driver reinstalls, Unity broke and I downgraded and installed 14.04. I unfortunately lost a very lucky and stable installation of 15.04, but getting the card to work is more important. I tried multiple configurations and ways to install the driver on 14.04LTS including apt-get and dpkg, but it never works. I reinstalled 14.04 about 8 times in the last week trying to get this to work, I'm afraid I am wearing out my SSD.

I need help in getting the official driver to work. Any suggestions and especially answers are appreciated. Thanks in advance!