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Problem related to driver and shared system memory

Question asked by husu1907 on Sep 20, 2015



I have AMD Mobility Radeon HD5730 graphic card with a 1024 mb memory , and i wanted to update the latest driver and when i installed AMD Catalyst 15.7  almost 2 months ago, shared system memory was displayed as 2700mb. So, i had totally about 3800mb graphic memory and i was very pleased because of the performance that i had in FIFA 15 and some others, there was considerable difference in comparison with past. Then, i had to deliver my PC to be repaired due to HDD problem and when i had it back, driver was out of date and i tried to reinstall the same version of driver which is 15.7 but unfortunately  it displays shared system memory as 1700 mb and totally 2700 mb now and i have lower performance in FIFA 15 despite the fact that i have already installed the same version of driver. In addition to this, nothing has changed except HDD during the period that PC is being fixed. How could that happen ? and What can i do in order to have the same performance again by increasing shared system memory ?