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A8-7100 and R7 M265 Dual Graphics?

Question asked by mindprison on Sep 20, 2015

Hello everyone.

I need a little clarification on APU and GPU used in this notebook:

I'm currently using an Acer notebook wih A6-3400M APU and a dedicated Radeon 6650M.

I'm also using it in dual graphics mode with the integrated 6520G which brings a pretty nice boost in performance.


Now, what confuses me at this moment is that I can't figure out if I can use the same dual graphics mode on the notebook

that uses A8-7100 and Radenon R7 M265.

Does his APU have an integrated R5 GPU in it (like A6-3400M has the 6250G) and is the R7 M265 a dedicated one(like the 6650M is)?

If I'm right, isn't it suppoused to be the same thing as with the current notebook I'm using? Shouldn't I be able to use Dual graphics

(Crossfire) or I'm missing something here?

It isn't stated on the specifications sheet that the Dual graphics is supported as it was with my current notebook.