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6950 Fan Control in CCC not responding.

Question asked by chrismdlikescheese on Sep 20, 2015



Recently bought a Gigabyte HD 6950 from a friend in a second hand computer. I am however extremely disappointed by the level of noise it produces and I'm not being fussy - I can't hear my music. I have tried CCC fan control and MSI Afterburner for fan control but it just outright does not respond. Attatched is a graph of the "Fan Speed" in % and then below is the actual fan speed noted by the tachometer in RPM. You'll notice that no matter what I set the fan speed at with any program, it does not change the fan speed and I'm thoroughly disappointed at this point. Never had this problem with any of my GeForce cards... I am seriously contemplating swapping it back out for my GT 250 which is 25% as powerful but doesn't rattle the windows. Please advice as I would like to enjoy this new hardware.


*On another note - I did try re-seating the card and it shut itself up for a while and I could control the fan speed too. But it was getting inherently louder and louder until I couldn't control it again.


** Another another note, the low point if the tachometer is listed as 3411 and that is only due to me physically slowing the fan with my finger.