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diablo 3 freezing workarounds don't work

Question asked by actionjake on Sep 20, 2015

I am running windows 10(32bit), I am unable to roll it back to a previous version of windows so please stop suggesting, I have followed all of the troubleshooting methods provided by both Blizzard and AMD tech support. I have, in Email, statements made by blizzard tech support that says that this is a resurfaced problem from several years ago were the drivers are incorrectly rendering the maps for the desolate sands and the path of the drowned. I have tried to file online support just to have the connection reset when I try to send in my complaint. At this point I am tried of the run around and the lack of interest in the resolution of the matter on AMDs part. All the posts about fixes just seem to circulate the same "fixes" that have failed to work in my instance. I am running a 6670 card, all of my computers specs are at or exceed the recommended requirements to run the game. At this point if a resolution is not given a time frame or given an unreasonable time frame I will simply dispose of the AMD gpu I currently have, voice my opinion on the lackluster service and products on social media, recommend anything other than an AMD to my friends, family, coworkers and others that ask for my opinion on computer parts and purchase a competitor's product as they would seem to deserve the patronage as their products work. I had a non AMD for years with no problem, when it became outdated I went with AMD for economical reasons and have regretted it ever since.  I have attempted to send the debug .txt for diablo 3 and the email containing the response from blizzard tech support so I will not be attaching to this post.