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Windows 10 sets low resolution every time screen is off

Question asked by hikari on Sep 20, 2015
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Virtually from the very first moment of Windows 10 release I have a problem with screen resolution.



- ASUS Radeon R9 290

- Samsung T260 HD

- connection via DVI cable



  • Whenever screen goes off/on (PC restart, sleep mode, screen off due to idle time, etc.) Windows seems to reset screen resolution to the lowest value and then restores it back to screen native 1920x1200
  • I see it via consequences of this behaviour, i.e.

a) desktop icons are moved to top left corner

b) windows (if not previously maximised) are smaller (someting like 640x480 resolution)

  • There were already at least two updates of AMD drivers, but still no help


I have never had such a problem in Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1 so whole situation is a little bit surprising (have been using this card for a year, the display for 5+ years).


Any ideas how to solve it?