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Fury crash

Question asked by rotas on Sep 19, 2015
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sorry for my horrible English.

My problem is, BF4 crashes sometimes. At the most time it happens when I maximize the game again (fullscreen mode). But it also happens in the maximized game.

In the event log is only Code 0xc0000005 and the module is the atidxx64.dll.


As far as I can tell it only happens with BF4 but I am going to verify this!

The card passed 6 hours Unigine Heaven without a crash.


I tried the latest beta and the latest WHQL driver. I am using a clean installation of Windows 10 x64.

My resolution is 1920*1200. At first I thought, Dxtory is the problem, but a few minutes ago the game crashed without any OSD.

There is no OC (GPU and CPU).


Can you help me?

Should I contact AMD directly?




Best regards



Edit: It crashed with DX11. I am going to test it with Mantle.





Anyone here? Maybe I could send someone log files?



The card survived more than 13 hours Firestrike with very intensive settings.

So I think I can definitely say, the card is not broken, that is very good. On the other hand this means there is a serious problem with the driver(s).





Are this fluctuations are normal? Idle...