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MSI R9390 8GB Causing complete system lock up.

Question asked by obsidiannoxid on Sep 19, 2015

Hi Guys I know this is like the Bazziliant post on this topic but after trying every solution the issue persists. I will put specs first then detail whats going on.


  • Asus M5A97 Evo r2.0 motherboard
  • Fx8350 4.0ghz black edition CPU
  • coolmaster GMseries G750M(bronze) PSU
  • 2x8GB Kingston Blue hyperfuryX RAM


Okay the issue;

After playing a game (GTAV and Shadow of mordor happens constantly) for a few minutes the entire computer locks up and becomes unresponsive leaving the last image that was on screen causing hard reset, Temps for GPU and CPU never rise above 60'C under heavy load

All drives are up to date for MB and GPU, The PSU has been tested and even a different one was tested and same crash occurs.


I have tried the DDU method, turning graphics down to minimum, increasing power to card and even returned my original to the company and received a brand new card but the issue remains.


As I have said I have tried every solution I can find and am losing hope the only cause I can seem to Find is the current drives on the r9390 will not work with Direct X 11. My R7250 works 100% and I have never had an issue with it no matter what I throw at it.


Its really bumming me I have put of playing MGS5 which I have been waiting for since I completed 3 back on the PS2.


So does anyone have any solutions I can try (Drivers are up to date and the previous version is even more unstable them this version)