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AMD R9 390 loses connection with monitor after installing driver

Question asked by vayle on Sep 19, 2015



I recently built my new PC which contains a AMD R9 390 graphics card.

I installed windows 10 and everything works fine until I install the AMD graphics card drivers, the screen flicks once, then goes black and my monitor stops getting signals from the graphics card. I did some trouble shooting and everything is connected properly, I tried changing several bios functions, updated my bios. load to EUFI defaults and resetting my bios, I tried loading in older drivers, the latest driver and the beta driver. as I said, everything is connected properly, including the PCIe power connector, and it works fine until I install the driver. (the graphics currently run from the R9 390 using the default microsoft drivers, my motherboard has no built in graphics card)


I can connect to my PC using team viewer after the driver is installed, but it does not recognise my monitor and can only display 640x400.


my pc's hardware:

Motherboard: ASRock fx990 Extreme 9

CPU: fx9590

RAM: 16GB @2400Mhz (Kingston brand)

PSU: Corsair hx1000i

Graphics: R9 390