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FPS/Frame Rates too low?

Question asked by grakky on Sep 19, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2015 by grakky

I am having an issue or maybe I just don't understand why I am getting lower than expected Frame Rates in Guild Wars 2.


I have virtually 2 identical Desktop PCs with only 2 differences between them, here are the specs:


* i7 4790k
* 16Gb RAM Corsair Pro 1800
* ASUS Z97 PRO acwi
* PC1 - GTX 970 + 27" Samsung 1920x1080 @ 60Hz refresh LED monitor + Windows 10 Clean install 64-bit , DX12; HDMI port connection
* PC2 - R9 390 + 27" BENQ 2560x1440 @ 144Hz refresh LED monitor + Win 10 64-bit upgraded from 8.1, DX 12, DP port connection to get the 144Hz

* Samsung SSD 850 Pro 512Gb on both for the Op System and drivers;

* WD Black 1T, 2T where the games are installed


Here's the interesting thing with identical in-game graphics settings, all at highest:

*PC1 = 87 FPS
*PC2 = 63 FPS (was 56 FPS when running Win 8.1 & DX 11)


So, where's the crazy promised increases with DX12 and why does the PC with the R9 390 card running 30% lower FPS than the GTX 970? 


I dropped the resolution from 2560 to 1920 on PC2 but no change from 63 FPS, I don't get it.


Is my R9 390 broken or AMD drivers broken (yup installed the latest 15.17.1)?  It should be running like a GTX 980.

Is the DP connection the issue perhaps?  I haven't tried HDMI on the BENQ but it makes no sense this would be the issue unless DP processing with AMD is broken; why downgrade to get better FPS?


/scratches head