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    MSI R9 390X Issues


      This post isnt about the Dx11 crashes, it's about something different. I have an MSI R9 390X running to a PB287Q ASUS monitor via DP 1.2. When playing any game if I bump up the voltage to +100mV or set the power limit to 50% the screen flickers with what seems to be signal loss. I assumed this was my PSU not pushing enough power or a faulty cable, replaced the cable and the problem happens albeit less frequently when i undervolt/underclock the gpu. So it's not the PSU or DP cable. Now I figured maybe it was a faulty card, so I hooked it up to a 1080p HDMI monitor and I could push the voltages/clocks all over the place without any issues, so it's not the card, it's something specific with the card,DP,or my monitor. Here is an example of what happens. September 17, 2015 - YouTube


      For a heads up I am running up to date everything, drivers, bios etc etc. 15.8 Catalyst Beta, although this has been occurring on previous driver versions as well. I have also tried clean installations. I should also mention that pushing the voltage/power limit up only increases the frequency of the signal flicker, it still happens on completely stock everything (driver/settings), just less frequently. amdmatt ray_m I would very much appreciate someone taking a look at this as I am at witts end trying to figure this out.


      Complete System Specs:

      Operating System: Windows 10 Pro x64

      CPU: Intel i7-4790K @4.7Ghz

      RAM: 16GB DDR3 Dual Channel @2400Mhz

      Motherboard: ASUS Maximus VII Hero (UTD Bios)

      Monitors: ASUS PB287Q Monitor 60Hz DP 1.2 (The problem child)

                      Samsung S27B550 @60Hz HDMI

      GPU: MSI R9 390X 8GB

      Storage: 120Gb OCZ-Vertex4 SSD (OS location)

                     500Gb Seagate HD

                     1Tb Western Digital External USB Drive

      Audio: Realtek High Definition Audio

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          I was having full system crashes with the Sapphire 390x. Would be playing CS:GO and sometimes just CS:Source and it would bork out on me. I did a few things:


          1. Win10 - I set the clock (date and time settings) to manual, my local time. Shut off auto detect for time in settings. There was an issue when I would first start up the computer where it would be off by about an hour. Read on a separate post that when servers see the time difference, it would try and correct and boot you from games or cause the system to crash.


          2. AMD Catalyst - I removed catalyst and went to the Sapphire website to download the updated drivers. I also removed AMD's gaming app, since it seemed like every time Rpter would come on, the system crashed/froze. On re-install of Catalyst, did not install the gaming app.


          3. Downloaded Trixx - Sapphire also has a GPU management system. Downloaded and installed. On the app, I set the ULPS (Ultra Low Power Setting) to off. The problem (crash) seemed to happen at graphically intense parts of action. Since the 390x cards fans don't work "automatically" to save power, it seemed like when they did come on or were needed the crash would happen.


          4. Shut down and set UEFI mode - The Sapphire 390x has a physical button on it to set the BIOS to Legacy or UEFI. When shut off, I pressed the button to make it work in UEFI mode.


          5. Restart and check Catalyst - Made sure everything was up to date and enabled Crossfire. I have 2 cards and have not had a crash since.


          Hope this helps you out a bit! I know it can be a bit stressful dealing with these things! This was my first build I ever did and my heart sank when it crashed. Now I'm having no issues at all! Things are running great and I am enjoying my rig to the fullest extent! I will be posting some pics and full specs of my rig here soon. Good luck!

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            Over-voltage is not supported, so we cannot promise stability once you start adding over the stock amount of voltage level.


            I've seen this issue myself on my own AMD Graphics Cards. If you use a DVI or HDMI connection for benchmarking, the display will not lose signal once you start adding high amounts of voltage.

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                So I took your word for it and cranked the voltage down to default. Problem has persisted, just not as frequently. I am also not bench marking any game, I am playing as I normally would, with many of the games settings not even maxed out. This isn't a case of "You're pushing the card way beyond its limits and the drivers are crashing." It's an issue with display port technology and your companies cards. I am still expecting a fix from this on AMD's end amdmatt

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                    If the card is behaving like that at stock clocks and stock voltage levels then it sounds it could be faulty as that is not normal behaviour.

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                        Thanks for your reply amdmatt. I would've thought the same thing, but this issue is too freaking weird in how I get it to replicate. I can, as I stated in my first post bump the voltage up to +100mv and cause the issue to occur sporadically and in any game, and even get it to occur messing around in my desktop. But at stock everything, the only game I have had it happen to me in is Guild Wars 2, and even then it happens seemingly randomly. If the card was faulty would it have not occurred when I was using HDMI or Dvi? Even if the Display Port (on the cards end) was faulty I would be able to easily to get this issue to occur no matter the settings of the card. My point is it's too random at stock settings to be the cards hardware being bad.


                        Edit: Upon further testing I can, at stock settings replicate the issue in specific area's of Guild Wars 2, other game's however it very very rarely occurs. This leads me to believe that it is a specific set of things that happen in a game that cause this issue.

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                    For the game your having trouble with stability try deleting the xml file found in documents. For example in GTA V it's located in documents/rockstar games/gta 5 and is the only xml file at this location and is normally the bottom one , this stores the graphic settings and any custom kb/m settings you have made. It will clear old settings and generate a new file. It worked for me.....so far!